About us

A suitable instrument for every talent

The Netherlands has a fantastic musical landscape. The NMF plays an important role in this Dutch music scene by structurally supporting 400 musicians (professionals and music students) with an instrument that challenges and inspires. Due to the extremely high prices, a top instrument is usually far out of reach of any musician. Thanks to donations, gifts and legacies, the fund is building a high-quality collection and lending valuable instruments to musicians.

Our collection as a traveling museum

With over 500 instruments and 250 bows, the collection is one of the largest collections of musical instruments in Europe. The fund has also built up a large collection of prominent instruments from Dutch violin making history. The fund regularly places orders for new instruments with Dutch builders. We keep all these antique and contemporary instruments in top condition, not in display cases behind glass, but in the hands of enthusiastic musicians. This way they remain playable and listenable, now and for future generations.

Educational mission

A good instrument gives a musician the opportunity to develop optimally, in whatever phase. The NMF thus makes an important contribution to many musical careers: as a soloist or in professional ensembles and orchestras. We are happy to share our knowledge about the instruments, the search for one's own sound, entrepreneurship and concert practice with our musicians. We organize dozens of concerts and educational activities every year.

Tax benefit

Do you want to donate with maximum tax benefit? In that case, record your periodic donation for a period of at least 5 years in a donation agreement. Thanks to the 'Geefwet', donating to cultural charities through a deed is the most advantageous. Read more about this on our website.


Become a donor and support the musicians of the NMF

You can contribute to one of the projects or start a (collection) campaign yourself!



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