Six tips to make your actions more successful

In addition to a regular donation, you can now contribute in a new way. With your self-organized campaign, you can raise money for the NMF on this website. Consider, for example, dedicating your birthday to the NMF, a sponsored run of an acquaintance or yourself, selling cookies or your own music marathon. You can let your creativity run free!

Create an Action

If you have an idea for an Action, you can create it under the heading Actions. You choose whether your Action is intended for the NMF (general) or a current already existing NMF project. You will then be asked to create an account and add some information to make your Promotion page recognizable. After that, you can share your own Action campaign with everyone!

If you have any questions or would like some help with an Action, you can always contact us:

020 622 1255


Tip 1

An actionpage with a couple of personal photos and textst will ensure more donations. Upload some photos related to you and your page. And explain why you started the action. Most of the supporters will donate because they know you and are curious about your decision to start this action.


Tip 2

Before you tell everyone about the action, it is wise to already have a few donations. Before asking all other people to donate, ask your family and best friends personally to make a donation. A good example is good to follow.


Tip 3

Put the link of your action page under your name / signature in all e-mails, asking them to donate. This way you can inspire everyone who e-mails you with your action. 


Tip 4

Tell people at work, school, club, in the canteen and at parties about the action you have started. Then ask them to sponsor you directly and not wait until they get home. Everyone can easily view and donate your campaign with their smartphone. Bookmark the promotion page in your internet browser on your mobile.


Tip 5

Your page has a unique QR code. Have it scanned from your mobile phone, put it in your email signature, or print it and hang it up at the gym or local cafe. Anyone who scans it will go straight to your donation form. Very useful for birthdays, for example!


Tip 6

Not everyone will donate immediately. Therefore, send reminder emails or WhatsApp messages if people haven't donated yet. Persevere!